Man’s Dog Watches Him Fall Asleep Every Night, He Later Learns Heartbreaking Reason Why

Every dog adopted from a shelter has a story, some more sad than others. And sometimes an adopted dog will have a behavior that isn’t easily understood. When a Chinese man adopted an abandoned Golden Retriever from an animal shelter recently, he didn’t know his family would be learning a lesson in just how sensitive and emotional dogs can be.

The story begins with the family bringing the dog home. They were very happy with the dog, who was playful and affectionate and everything they hoped for in a furry companion. He just did one thing that they found extremely odd.

Every night, as the man and his wife were falling asleep, the dog would stand up on his hind legs and peer over the gate that separated him from the bedroom. He would stay there and watch them until they fell asleep.

The family thought that the alert dog might have too much energy, so they made sure he got plenty of activity and play time during the day. But every night the dog continued his silent vigil.

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