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Online Education is the up and coming ‘norm’ for our society for good reason. Whether you are finishing high school, changing degrees, or going back to school – more and more people are turning to getting an education online.

Due to the savings the universities have offering these programs, you will be able to get the same quality education for a fraction of the price.

It’s definitely the way to go as far as getting a high quality degree that your future employer will love you for. Below, we’ve listed five (5) of the best online degrees for you right now.

1/5: Online Marketing Degree [$36,000-$110,000 avg. salary] –Every time you see an add on Facebook or that five second ad before your YouTube video, have you ever wondered how large the online marketing industry has become? Last year, it was $498,060,000,000! Half a trillion dollars are being spent every year online and there is an increasing need for digital marketing expertise.

Consider this major if you’ve always been good with people. You might not know it yet, but if you’re a likable person, you’ll make an amazing marketer!

2/5: Online Finance/Accounting Degree [$40,000-$80,000 avg. salary] – Although two separate degrees, if you are the one making your budget for your family, why not make one for a company? Learn the ins and outs of business finance and what all your future employer will need from you to help him and everyone know the company is making money. Tracking every penny and categorizing expenses so the financial identity of a company is transparent helps decision makers make the big moves.

3/5: Online Psychology Degree [$52,000-$120,000 avg. salary] – In a day and age where everyone is getting there feedback from social media, family, and the news, there is a growing need for psychologists. Do you always feel like you’ve just understood people? If you’re the person everyone is coming to for advice, maybe it’s time you start charging people for it. This degree helps you understand in depth more about what makes people tick and could also serve you well in several professions outside of just becoming a councilor.

4/5: Online Nursing Degree [$47,000-$130,000 avg. salary]  Yep, you can get your nursing degree online. Most nursing programs do require you to spend some time at a doctor’s office learning the tools of the trade, but the long and tedious classes you must take to even reach this point can be done online. This is a very strong trend today as more and more nurses are starting their educations online.

For more great information about Nursing Degrees, please read here!

5/5: Online Web Design Degree [$37,000-$82,000 avg. salary] –This goes hand in hand with the marketing degree as being very popular because there is a growing, massive demand for basic and experienced web designers. Simply put, you will be the ones deciding our future and it’s capabilities. Money and CEOs wanting to follow that route are hiring the best web designers they can.

Click here to begin your search for the perfect online degree!

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